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Agevis is an IT company formed by engineers, consultants and analysts whose work is centered in the field of document management, CRM and cloud for businesses. The company has an experience of twenty years, always spent on exploring the best technologies and the best services for business. Our mission is to improve the enterprise's work experience through the production of targeted software, the workflow innovation and the improvement of networks. Since we joined the Talent Garden network, we launched a series of projects, developing our own services and products. In 2015 we launched our first exclusive service of VPN for small and medium enterprises. Our policy centers the market on the customer, enhancing his skills through dialogue and training. We build solutions measured on the needs of each company, calculated with care and patience, because we know that every business has unique requirements and unrepeatable qualities. Our strength is innovation. We try and study the best proposals from the software market to ensure that every company can turn them into tools. Each of our projects is not to replace a customer's job: is to innovate and enhance it. We like to work in the manner proposed in the Agile Manifesto, and according to the Talent Garden philosophy.

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